Tweaks for Photoshop CS5 UI annoyances

Adobe just can’t stop messing with the UI of their apps, and inevitably making things unpleasant for some users. From this post on CS5 UI issues, particularly the tabbed Multiple Document Interface (MDI), here are some tweaks to try that might make it a little less wonky.

for those who the MDI, a.k.a. tabbed interface of Photoshop make nuts, simply go to Preferences > Interface, and then uncheck “Open Documents as Tabs” and “Enable Floating Document Window Docking”. This should be considerably less annoying for Windows users, but the Mac works considerably different and the whole docking thing completely disables the ability to work with Exposé, so it should help. For those who the Scrubbing Zoom renders nuts, simply uncheck “Scrubby Zoom” in the Zoom Tool options right under the File Menu when the Zoom Tool is activated. You might think this should have been a preference, but it’s a better idea to learn to check and uncheck the option so to use the zoom tool as a multifunction tool for more efficiency. I do so myself and I find I spend less time zooming somewhere. The Scrubby Zoom is really fast! For those of you without a good video card or fast computer, you might want to disable Hardware Acceleration and Animated Zooms.


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