UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException in SharePoint 2010

We were standing up a new SharePoint 2010 farm this week and ran into the dreaded User Profile Synchronization Service not starting problem.

For those of you who haven’t tried to set up the User Profile Service in SharePoint 2010, what happens is you’re merrily going through adding the service, go to the Services page in Central Admin and click to start the two services and one just sits and hangs there indefinitely.

We’ve run into this before and I thought we had all our bases covered for various permissions including having the farm admin account in the local admins (needed for provisioning the FIM services), which had caught us before. Looking through the job status history, we didn’t see theĀ  UPS provisioning timer job but we did see several other UPS jobs. Using the ULSViewer we looked at the realtime ULS messages and filtered them to just the profile services.

uls filter by profile

Low and behold we saw several messages that basically said it couldn’t find the User Profile Service and specifically had this line: UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException. Doing a quick search led to this short but excellent post.

Like so many things in SharePoint 2010, there’s yet-another-place-to-set-permissions that we needed to go to. We hadn’t run into this before because on this install we avoided most of the setup wizard which would have configured these permissions automatically. To add the permissions and get it running, do the following:

  1. On Central Admin, go to Manage Service Applications.
  2. Highlight the User Profile Service (rather than clicking the link)
  3. Click the Admistrators button in the Ribbon.
  4. Add your farm administrator account and give it full rights.
  5. Go to Central Admin > Monitoring > Review Job Definitions and run theĀ  Timer Service Recycle job to kick off the UPS provisioning job again.

The User Profile Synchronization Service should now be able to finish starting.


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