Amazing AMOLED Displays Demonstrated

In case you missed it, at the 2011 Consumer Electronic’s Show Samsung had functioning displays of incredible new AMOLED display tech. This is stuff that’s been on the horizon for years and to finally see it in full color functioning demos is exciting.

Transparent AMOLED:

Flexible AMOLED:

The flexible displays are the most exciting to me and I can imagine all kinds of product implementations that will be fun to have. The transparent ones are interesting, but I don’t personally want a clear ipad/laptop screen that lets other people see what I’m reading. I suspect that a vast majority of the implementations of the transparent displays will be for store window advertising display.

The next step is obviously to combine the two! Imagine car windshields or motorcycle helmets with real embedded heads up display.

Of course, demonstrations at CES and affordable mainstream products aren’t quite the same thing, but the tech is finally real and it’s now just up to some big players to subsidize it for products.

For a comparison, here’s what the flexible display technology looked like in 2003:


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