Is the Gmail Man reading your mail?

While the opening definitely indicates that this is an attack ad produced by Microsoft, the message is still clear and important. Is it right for your email company to read your email in order to show you targeted ads?

Those who know how email servers work know that there’s little to nothing private about email at the technical level. But that is a red-herring defense. That is a technical issue and in respectable companies is constrained by business policies. What Google is doing is implementing a business policy decision to violate your privacy in order to make a buck.

Now to be fair, Google’s stance on this is that it’s all automated so that’s okay. That’s up to you as a consumer to decide whether you’re comfortable with that answer or not.

The key thing to remember here is that Gmail isn’t free. It may feel free, but it’s violating your privacy to fund itself and there’s an indirect cost being paid.

[Via Mashable]


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